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ממיר ויז'ינט המאפשר צפיה ושיתוף ערוצים

• Availability of DVB-S2 Tuner
• Powerful decoder for STi7101 MPEG4/MPEG2coma_replace HD / SD
• Simultaneous recording of two channels as HDTV
• Time-Shift modecoma_replace activated automatically
• Stable operation of all functions of PVR
• Advanced Mode "Picture in Picture" (PIP)
• There are 2 x CI interfaces
• A card reader 1 x CH
• A 1 x USB
• Play movies in a format DivX (XviD)
• View JPEG pictures in high resolution up to 1080i
• Easy MP3 music player
• A separate component output 3 x RCA (PbPrY)
• "Blind Search" transponder
• Maximum ease of use menus
• Excellent matrix LED on the front panel (VFD) with cyrillic
• Color receiver: black
Model VisionNet FS-9510 HD is made in a miniature body width 300mm.
There is only one USB-portcoma_replace which is behind. In additioncoma_replace due to lack of spacecoma_replace the victims were already somewhat outdated SCART-connectors.
For the lid front panel hidden 2 x CI interface slot access cards and USB 2.0 port for razlichtnyh drives.
As the drive connected to the USB ports VisionNet FS-9510 HDcoma_replace can serve ordinary flash memory cardcoma_replace hard drivecoma_replace MP3-player and many other devices.
The receiver provides independent simultaneous operation of several drives. For examplecoma_replace in the back can be connected to USB or eSATA hard drive for Time Shift Buffer and recordscoma_replace and in front periodically connects USB stick with which to view photos and play music.
Thanks to the ports for the drives back and front of the receivercoma_replace each able to create the most convenient configuration is for yourself.
The rear panel reveals the greatest opportunity to connect to the equipment:
A special feature built-in eSATA port is a need for an external power supply. It should take this into account when buying a eSATA hard drive (it should be with their power supply).
This decision was due to high power consumption of external SATA drivescoma_replace as well as their rush currents. The developers have focused on the stability of supply voltage USB-portscoma_replace LNBcoma_replace signals DISEqC teamscoma_replace etc.

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