Satellite finder signal meter 3.5inch KPT-968G



מכשיר מתקדם לכיוון צלחת  לוויין, מאפשר צפייה בתחנה בזמן הכיוון. ניתן לכוון בעזרתו תחנות HD (אך לא לצפות בהן דרכו). מכשיר קטן, קומפקטי ועמיד המגיע עם תיק נשיאה.

A. Support AV audio/video input and output , with DC12V power output,(use of camera).
B.Signal quality displayed LED digital data, the sun more clear view.
C.New INFO function, grace a INFO for parameter information, again is article shows of singnal shape,with enlarge images
D. Signal lock lamp,13 V / 18 V output indicator and the 22 V switch state indicator
E.Built-in LNB feeder short circuit protection
F.New hum warning, beep ring with signal strength changes, also can be the sound judgment signal strength. Can close Alarm warning
G.USB upgrade , direct USB docking RS232
H.Video function, test monitoring and camera, can output DC12V for the camera
I.On the panel has a battery power shows, ready reference battery power
J. Charging indicator light show, plugged in Charge for a Charge indicator, charging completes the lamp.

3.5Inch TFT LED Handheld Multifunctional Satellite Finder&Monitor(LED)


3.5inch handheld multifunctional monitor&satellite finder is a product for
the installation of satellite TV test tools.
Set the satellite TV signal and image shows test,
radio, television, monitoring function.Using TFT LCD display image,
LED backlighting with low power consumption.Built-in large capacity and
high-performance lithium batteries for the integration of high-tech electronic products.
Low power consumption LED / high-resolution digital display TFT LCD .
built-in 2200mAh Li-lon battery, do not need an external power supply,
working time is about 3-4 hours,AV output and input function.
with DC12V output(use of camera).
Satellite images and signal quality can be displayed through the LCD and
digital dual screen. Unique starsearch guidance function and satellite finder
management, Built-in protecting circuits for LNB TV tuner.
13V18V/22K/signal lock indicator located in function board,
it can be displayed at the same time. Due to the use of handheld structure,
this machine is small in size and light in weight.
Equipped with installation tool backpack, it is more convenient to carry,
it is a professional equipment for satellite TV receiving system engineering,
control engineering and technicians.
Built-in satellite signal warning ;
Find the star signal quality LED displayed,INFO article shows of singnal shape,
with enlarge images,with DC12V output.


TFT LED 3.5"(89mm)
Display size:73*51mm.
Dots pixels:320*240(230400Pixes).
Menu language:Chinese/English /French /Arabic/Turkey/Russian.
LNBinput : F type male head.
Input impedance: 75 Ω (F).
Satellite signal video decoding: DVB-S.
Satellite signal display test:ABS-S,CBS-2,DVB-S2 signal alarm and signal display.
Frequency range:950MHz-2150MHz
Signal level:-65dBm~-25dBm.
LNB Power supply:13/18V,max400mA
LNB Switch control:22KHz.
DiSEqC:1.2 edition and1.0 edition
Demodulation chip:QPSK(SCPC and MCPC compatible).
Symbol rate:2Mbps~45Mbps .
System processor:32bit processor(200MHz)
SDRAM:16Mbyte .
Video:MPEG-2 Main Level .
Rate:up to 15M bits/s
Image analysis:720*576,720*480 .
Voice patterns:single sound channel
Sampling rate:32,44.1 and 48KHz .
Color System: PAL\NTSC
Lithium battery:DC 11.1V 2200mAh(built-in).
Input voltage:DC13.5V 1.5A
Output voltage:DC12V.
Weight:440g (including battery pack).

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